The Political Joe is a place to discuss the issues that really matter to the everyday working-class Americans. Far too often the issues that impact us most are overlooked. Income inequality increases by the minute, workers’ rights are constantly under attack, 1 in 6 children live in poverty – but what is actually being said by the media about these issues? What are politicians doing to remedy these travesties? Here you will find honest discussions on these issues as well as topics such as politics, economics, and current events.

These past few years have been rough. Please join in on the discussion – let’s make the world a better place!





Are we all neoliberals?

An explanation of neoliberalism and how its devastated the working class

By | EconomicsPolitics

The United States current societal and economic conditions can be directly attributed to neoliberalism. These days, the term ‘neoliberal’ is often used a slur – without any context given. Most people know that it is something inherently bad, but rarely do you ever find people discussing any details. If you do happen to see anything […]


COVID-19 Stimulus Has Drastically Reduced Poverty in the United States

But will we continue the fight against poverty going forward?

By | Current EventsPolitics

Scene: it’s a warm, sunny, mid-morning weekday and I’m working diligently at my desk at home. WHEN SUDDENLY: BZZZZ BZZ BZZZ BZZZZ. My phone starts to shake violently. I look down and notice a slew of notifications from news services, all with the headline reading “POVERTY IN THE UNITED STATES DECREASES AFTER PROVIDING MILLIONS WITH […]


The GOP is set to run away with the 2022 midterms

How Republicans are generating voter engagement by generating outrage

By | Current EventsPolitics

At this point in time, it is widely known that if left to direct democracy, the GOP would never win the presidency again. Their core ideology just isn’t as popular (nor should it be) as what the Democrats offer. Because of this Republicans have taken to making it harder to vote, double down on gerrymandering, […]


Quentin Choy: What’s So Wrong With an Honest Look at America’s Past?

By | Politics

This post is by Quentin Choy, proprietor of WeTheCommoners Blog. Quentin is a student from Hawaii studying Political Science in Colorado. You can learn more about Quentin and the work that he is doing here.      New Bogeyman on the Scene: Critical Race Theory Conservatives have melted down over the idea of critical race […]


Nationalism from a leftist perspective

Reimagining nationalism to procure a brighter future

By | Miscellaneous

               On the left, you will often see and hear talks promoting the idea of internationalism – that we, as people of the planet, are all in this together. This has helped tremendously with the inclusion and acceptance of other cultures, races, ideologies, etc. Taking things down to a […]


COVID-19 and Vaccines

Why are people so hesitant to get vaccinated?

By | Current Events

Should everyone get the vaccine? Yes! All right, everyone, thanks for checking out this week’s edition of The Political Joe!   Haha, just kidding!          I would like to do something a little bit different today. I would like to just have a little conversation about the COVID-19 vaccines. Not in a […]

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