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GOP Absurdity Over COVID-19 Stimulus

    Before the final vote on the PHASE III COVID-19 stimulus package, a few GOP senators (including SC’s wonderful duo Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott) were holding things up because under the beefed up unemployment, it’s feasible for some low wage earners to actually make more than their salary. So, for 4 months, these individuals would make a few hundred more dollars than they would if they were still employed.

     Specifically on Graham, he argued that nurses would be incentivized to take the unemployment route rather so they could earn $24/hr on unemployment rather than their normal $15/$16. So, really? Does he (or anyone) think someone would rather lose their job when the country is heading towards depression territory? On top of that, do they know that you must be fired to receive unemployment?


     Now on to Rick Scott (FL). For a quick reference, Scott is the richest senator and earned most of his money from a company that committed MASSIVE medicare fraud. So, like Graham he touts his reasoning for opposing the increase to unemployment being that some people would receive more $ than from their salary. He was asked about this at a press conference.

     Reporter to Sen. Rick Scott: “Do you understand how bad the optics are for the wealthiest guy in the Senate to be holding up the stimulus over a couple hundred bucks for the poorest people in this country?”

    His explanation is that he wants us to have a system where people would want to come to work. So is he another person who believes that someone would rather be fired just to earn some extra $ for 4 months? If he, or anyone else truly believes that, they should not be representing the American people.

     Now, I’d like to take this a little deeper. We all know that most politicians (Dems and GOP) are beholden to their corporate donors. So, what’s something that could impact the CEO, oligarchs, and corporate elites from making massive political donations? One possibility would be if their corporations couldn’t operate because the employees weren’t showing up. Also, if people weren’t showing up for work, you lose your leverage over them. These employees are certainly reliant on their jobs to provide housing, food, and healthcare. So, they lose their ability to dangle people’s survival in front of them to keep them going. And keep in mind this would be for the people that are the lowest on the totem pole. So, the grunts per-se.

     This leads into another topic. One that most truly do not want everyday people to realize. That most of the world truly runs off the backs of the workers. Why do so many corporations and politicians oppose of unions? Because it gives workers power. If the working class of America became empowered and truly demanded change, there would be nothing that could stop us. We could bring the entire county to its knees if we all just stopped working. And that is absolutely horrifying to some people.

     But the current pandemic crisis is starting to shed some light on some of this. Just think how many people are already thinking “Oh wait, it actually was possible for me to work entirely remotely this entire time?” , or “Wait, you mean we have the ability to just throw TRILLIONS into the stock market without questions asked?”. 

     I would like you to just reflect on how much of an impact this pandemic is having on our society. Not just you personally, but everyone. By this point, most of us already know someone who has lost their job or wages they would normally get because of all this. Please keep in mind all of those this will be impacting both health wise, and financially. If you’re in a position to safely do so, please continue to give local businesses your patronage. And for heaven’s sake, vote these idiots out of office!

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