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Quick Post: First Presidential Debate of 2020

   I do not even know what to say. After witnessing that horror show, so-called “debate”, I legitimately have an urge to drink. And for those who know me well, that is not normal.

     The realization that our choices for president of the United States of America are either a neo-fascist dictator, or a centrist corporate democrat are ever present now. Before, I guess I had somehow repressed the truth; but now… I do not know how to comprehend what we have allowed to happen as a nation.

     If you have not been able to tell by any of my previous posts, I clearly do not align myself with either major political party. I am a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, but in reality, I’m likely even further to the left than that. But that is beside the point.

     What we saw today was an absolute travesty. The debate, moderated by Chris Wallace, did absolutely nothing to sway indecisive voters. It was such a train wreck that I am sure most people who are not actively politically engaged just turned it off.

     In debates past, Trump had always been a bit controlling, but tonight he took it to another level. He tried to bully his way to the forefront, spewing all types of nonsense along the way. Legitimately, almost everything he said had no sound basis whatsoever.

     Biden, on the other hand, stood up decently well, considering. The bar was set so low for him by Trump, that anything short of being doped up out of his mind would be considered a success.

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I honestly do not have the energy to go through the whole debate, but there are a couple things that I would like to touch on from each candidate:

  • Trump – “Stand back and stand by”
    • Seriously? When asked if you would condemn white-wing (oops, I meant right-wing 😉) extremists, all he said was “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.” That is absolutely terrifying.
    • His failure to outright obliterate these extremist groups, just adds fuel to their fire. On their message boards right now, I guarantee you they are planning to “protect and patrol” voting precincts on election day. That is not something that should be taken lightly.
  • Trump – Biden was responsible for the tax code
    • This is something Trump should have HAMMERED. – “After a protracted debate, Congress and President Obama agreed at the end of 2010 to extend the Bush tax cuts for two years, 2011 and 2012.” “After another protracted debate, Congress and President Obama agreed at the start of 2013 to make most, but not all, of the Bush tax cuts permanent.”
    • It is 100% true that under the administration of Obama/Biden there were several tax cuts and “loopholes” available for the extremely wealthy to abuse.
  • Biden – “Will you shut up, man?”
    • Honestly, nothing further needed for that one.
  • Biden – “And a lot more are gonna die…
    • There is no question that Trump has absolutely fallen off the cliff in regards to his handling of the coronavirus. But this was a moment where Biden was able to show off his compassionate side. He turned his attention away from Trump and focused on the American people. Honestly if he were to take that approach to every issue, he would be a much better candidate.

Again, I just do not have any words for what happened tonight. In any case, I hope you are able to recovery from this well; and get some good rest.

In Solidarity,


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