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Quick Post: 4 Days

4 days. Election day is 4 days away. Regardless of who you support, it is your RIGHT (well not really, but it should be 😡) to hold your representatives accountable by voting.

 Democracy is not a spectator sport. The only way things will change is if you let your opinion be known. The most effective way to accomplish this is by voting.


If you are happy with the way things are going currently, go and let your representatives know that they have your support, and you wish for them to carry on.

If you believe that your current representatives do not best portray your interests, go vote for who does.

Did you know that the United States falls WAY behind most other 1st world countries in voter turnout? In 2016 only ~56% of the voting-age population cast a ballot. We as a people need to do better.

If you need any assistance in finding your voting location, checking your registration, etc. please visit

Also, if you have any problems voting, please contact the Election Protection Line at      1-866-OUR-VOTE

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