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Quick Post – Election 2020 Initial Thoughts


*Prelude – As of writing this, Biden is currently ahead with 238 electoral votes to Trump’s 213. There are still several key states that need to report early and mail in ballots cast that have the potential to hand the election to Biden.

Wow. Last night was stressful. I honestly cannot comprehend how so many Americans took a hard look at Trump and said “Yeah, give me 4 more years of that.”

Although the election is far from over, the initial surge of Trump supports was very disheartening. The current iteration of conservatism in the US is reprehensible. It legitimately should not exist in 2020. We are on the verge of potentially rolling back years of civil, women’s, and voter’s rights.

How did we get here? How can so much of the US electorate support someone as atrocious as Trump?

Throughout voting, Fox News conducted several polls to gauge voters’ impressions on key issues such as: government run healthcare, climate change, gun laws, Roe vs. Wade, etc. What is really interesting about the results is that they mostly support the more progressive or liberal stances on the issues. Why then, would they still vote for Donald Trump? Enter the Democratic party.

In large, the Democratic party fails to appeal to the voters who support these key issues. 73% of voters favor the idea of a government run health care? Nah, lets just go with a public option. 73% believe that there is at least some racism in policing? Let’s actually increase their budgets! 70% agree (37% strongly in favor) on the increased spending for green and renewable energy? Nah, let’s take it slow and continue to allow fracking while we’re at it.

It just doesn’t make sense. Time after time again, when it comes to putting a platform together that would directly improve the material conditions of the working class of America, the Democrat party utterly fails.

So where does that leave us now? Well, I for one am still hopeful Biden pulls out this victory. But it is just way closer than it should have been. This should have been an absolute blowout victory. If the Democrats don’t get their act together, we’ll almost certainly see another fascist win the presidency in 2024.

** As of posting this, Biden has pulled ahead in both Wisconsin and Michigan. He now has the highest odds of winning the presidency since the votes first started reporting last night – 78.4% Biden 21.6% Trump

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