The mainstream media runs endless stories on Trump’s tweets but that’s not addressing the everyday American’s issues. Now don’t get me wrong, keeping the fire on Trump is absolutely necessary but it should not leave the actual issues of what caused him by the wayside. Trump is not the disease, just a symptom. I am here to hopefully shed some light on some of the critical topics in politics that just aren’t getting enough attention. And I will put them in perspective of the ‘average Joe’, to show how we’re all impacted.


I, like you, am just an average American with a wonderful family. But I’m tired of both political sides skirting around the issues that truly matter most. Issues like healthcare reform, the war on drugs, the military-industrial complex, corporate ownership of politicians, wealth inequality, etc. etc.

Nichols Family

Hello, I’m Joey Nichols. I’m not a poly-sci graduate or anything but I’m sick and tired of everyday Americans being ignored. I work in IT, have a beautiful wife and 2 rambunctious kids; and by all accounts, I’m just an ‘Average Joe’ from South Carolina. My passion for politics has led me here and I aim to shed some light on the areas being ignored. Also, these are issues that need to be discussed. I highly encourage civil discourse whenever possible. How can we expect our representatives to pursue our ideals when we can’t even talk about them amongst each other? I will gladly engage in conversation on almost any topic.

So, step 1: send an email or @ me on Twitter. Let’s start a discussion on something that you’re passionate about. Because, I guarantee that you’re not alone.


As you may have ascertained, my disdain for the mainstream media is through the roof. If you’re looking for alternatives, here’s some of my favorite news sources: